Luis Anjel Leiton Vargas started making artisan bamboo furniture in 2000. He grow half of the bamboo he uses to make his art on his property and the other half he buys from other growers in San Luis. Chairs, tables, and desks are his specialties, but he also crafts guitars and marimbas which he sells to clients in Monteverde and the United States. One of Luis’s favorite parts about his work is that all pieces are made entirely out of bamboo – even the nails. Therefore, when you are done with your chair, it will completely decompose. Luis moved away from the San Luis area for a number of years, but is now back in town and excited to open up shop again!

Luis charges approximately ₡15,000 – 20,000 for a chair, about ₡60,000 for a table, and ₡150,000 for a table and a set of chairs.