The Rural Community Tourism program - TRC - is an effort of the Community of San Luis, which began in 2016, to organize a group of local businesses in the community dedicated to the activity of tourism and also for those who are venturing into this market with specific products, in order to offer foreigners and nationals a tourism alternative that is based on rural tourism, but promoting an experience at the community level, where the objectives are the sustainable and integral development of the community.

By having a program that brings together the activities offered by the community, resources are better utilized and services are used in an equitable manner. One of the benefits is that there is no local competition among the businesses, but rather each one participates in an integral way in conjunction with the others.

The community offers a series of activities and products among which are:

    • Hikes to farms and ecological protection areas where the experience can be both recreational and educational.
    • Spaces for talks, informative meetings, academic and recreational activities with the community.
    • Transportation service to all the country.
    • Tour guides with great experience and knowledge of the area.
    • Lodging for tourists, interns and students.
    • Food services such as local meals, pizzerias and cafeterias.
    • Local art and handcrafted products.
    • Coffee produced entirely locally.

Find all our ventures and information on the map below.

Find all our ventures and information on the map below.

The Rural Community Tourism program seeks to enable businesses that carry out some primary activity to supplement their income by offering services and products to tourists.

Through this program, San Luis is expected to become the reference community for rural community-based tourism in the Monteverde area.

In addition to bringing resources together for a common purpose, the TRC does the job of providing a forward-looking perspective and guidelines for sustainable development of tourism in the community.