The Costa Rica Pacific trail network is a vision of linking forests and rural communities along the Pacific slope of Costa Rica. It begins in the Monteverde region and will include a network of trail systems, cabins, conservation properties, ecological agriculture initiatives, alternative energy and wastewater treatment and water conservation projects.

The Pacific Trail provides a network of open-access trails in Costa Rica located between the Monteverde Cloud Forest and the Gulf of Nicoya in the Pájaro Campana Biological Corridor. Trails pass through a variety of ecological life zones, land uses and communities. This is a grassroots project with trails being developed by the communities along the way. Currently there are five communities active with the Pacific Trail and it is possible to hike between the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the town of Guacimal.

There is the possibility of recreational hikes along the Pacific Trail, with the possibility of walking from San Luis to Guacimal, oriented in several options, from San Luis through the BEN, to the Amapala lodge and leaving the same day through San Luis, there is also the possibility of lodging and leaving the next day to Guacimal through San Antonio in two days of walking.